Welcome To Guru Siddha Vaithiya Salai

Come in a long tradition of 192 years from our early Guru (Grand Master), We combine the proven secrets recipes of herbal medicines based on clinical applications with outstanding success in curing many chronic health problems even when forsaken by modern medicines.

Guru siddha vaithiya Salai was inaugurated in 1966 by honourable Dr Natarajan,G. D. Naidu,Mayor Moses,Appadurai,Perasiriyar Anbalagan and Dr Narayana Mudaliar.

In 1991 Silver jubilee was inagurated by Tamil Chithan along with Krishna moorthi, High Court Judge P. Jothimani,lakshmipathi,Ganapathi and AVM Murugan

  Herbal Mountains

  • Kolli Hills
  • Agasthyamalai Hills
  • Nilgiri

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda tretaments In Ayurveda, disease is always seen as an imbalance in the dosha system. As a result, the diagnostic process strives to determine which doshas are underactive or overactive in a body. Ayurveda offers mainly three kinds of treatment - through Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle control and Panchakarma.